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Hire, pay and manage your global team with Serviap Global

We handle all the legal and employment process so you can take advantage of a fully-featured HR operation in any country in just a matter of weeks


Find the best talent in the world. Literally

You want the most-qualified talent. We make it happen. Based on your specific needs, we find and screen candidates on your behalf, making sure you only get the absolute best.

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Global HR made easy

The days of manually managing your team are over. Process HR requests like vacation days, sick leaves, PTO and more in a single, streamlined platform.

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Establish an international team in days. Easy and hassle-free

Want to hire someone in Mexico? Got a new hire in Brazil? Leave the paperwork to us! Hire, onboard and provide all the legal necessary benefits to your global team in a matter of days.

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Discover where you can grow with Serviap Global

Your one-stop global hiring solution. Secure, reliable, compliant

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Premium Support

No matter how big or small, we are ready to answer all your questions- anytime, anywhere.

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Regional expertise

Our team of in-country experts help you navigate new markets and cultural nuances

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Top-tier Benefits Packages

Great talent deserves great benefits. We offer a competitive range of benefits so that you only attract top-tier talent worldwide.

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You remain 0% liable

Shift the worry from your shoulders to ours! We stay on top of regulations so you’re always 100% complaint with local laws

Be part of the hundreds of companies that trust us to hire, pay and manage their international teams


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Building a global presence has never been easier

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