Employer of Record Services in Mexico

Expanding your business in Mexico can be a challenging step and that’s why getting information about the country, and its laws, will be of great help.
Employer of Record

How we can help you expand in Mexico

As your Employer of record in Mexico, we’d help you expand by hiring employees and running their payroll without establishing a local branch office or subsidiary. Your candidate is hired by a EOR|PEO in Mexico provider in accordance with local labor laws and can be onboarded in days instead of the months it typically takes. Shortly after, your new employee will be working for you, just like any other member of your team. 

Employer of record in Mexico with Serviap Global

Through our PEO and EOR services, you can hire qualified talent in your industry without the trouble of opening your own legal entity. In just a few days, you can easily and safely build a presence in Mexico expanding your business, being sure that your staff will be hired in compliance with labor and tax regulations.

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With our employer of record services we offer end-to-end support in the following cases:

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